The Heightened


Short Synopsis

 Working Title – Pandrimogene

A near-future, post apocalyptic adventure for teen readers.

Imogen meets Blake at a club, not knowing he’s been sent to watch over her. Stubbornly independent at the start, she gradually falls for him, under the guise of fellow student. Blake accepts his assignment without question, but soon realises there is more to Imogen than meets the eye and his task becomes complicated by his growing feelings for her.

An epidemic has thrown the world into turmoil, and the hastily arranged vaccination programme that follows has serious side effects which lead to violent conflicts. Those untroubled by the virus thus far, are called The Immunes. Those affected by the vaccination, find themselves with extraordinary powers – extreme strength and highly tuned senses. They become known as The Heightened.

When the vaccination programme is withdrawn, millions remain vulnerable to the deadly flu virus and society struggles to find balance. As the different factions collide, interest in Imogen, the only true survivor of the epidemic, grows. She finds herself on the government’s wanted list and the lines drawn for Blake at the start of his mission begin to blur.

Is he her protector or her captor?

© Emma McArthur, 2017.

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3 thoughts on “The Heightened

  1. I want to be one of the lucky ones in line for a signed copy of your first super duper globally mega successful novel .. I want to say… I knew her when she was skint !

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